Automated Design of interoperable Room Automation Systems


We proudly present AUTERAS, the innovative design tool for room automation system. AUTERAS is capable of automating labor-intensive tasks during planning and design of vendor-independent, interoperable room automation systems, starting at the creation of VDI 3813-2 compliant room control schematics and followed by the selection of appropriate devices and the logical interconnections between them.



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  • System Designer

    The automated cutting-edge approach of AUTERAS relieves System Designers as well as System Integrators from the most labor- and cost- intensive tasks while planning and designing room automation.

    Every 1st Tuesday of the month we offer an introduction to the AUTERAS® tool in the form of a telco. Please send an e-mail to

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  • Device Manufacturer

    Your products can easily be picked by the design algorithm of AUTERAS – simply add a description of your products to our device database!

    Or are you interested in an OEM version of AUTERAS featuring only your own products?

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  • Builders and Architects

    In addition to the AUTERAS® design tool, the AUTERAS® LITE tool is available for you to get started. It queries the functional customer requirements and determines the necessary standard functions, sensors, etc., which must be covered by the room automation devices to be used. At the moment AUTERAS® LITE ist just available in German.

  • Consultation

    Every 1st Tuesday of the month we offer an introduction to the AUTERAS® tool in the form of a telco. Please send an e-mail to

    A screencast of the tool can be found here.

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  •  Center for building research

    The Center for Building Research as an interdisciplinary scientific institution has existed at the TU Dresden since last year. On 11 April 2017, a guided tour through the Center for Building Research was held for the guests of the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings Praque (UCEEB).
    Gäste des CEEB Prag The Professorship Technical Information Systems is a founding member of the Center for Building Research and presented the design tool AUTERAS® as well as a "smart home" demonstrator to the interested guests.

  • Smart Systems Hub

    On 10 January 2017, Saxony's Prime Minister, Stanislaw Tillich, and the Deputy Prime Minister, Martin Dulig, announced at a press conference the support of Sachsen in the realization of the hub concept for the formation of a competence and innovation center. The goal is that Dresden will become one of twelve planned digital hubs in Germany with the topic "Smart Systems Hub - Enabling IoT" (Internet of Things).

    After the press conference, the Professorship Prof. Kabitzsch und Ministerpräsitent Tillich vor dem Technische Informationssysteme presented the AUTERAS® LITE consulting tool together with a "Smart-Home" demonstrator in the Department of Computer Science at the TU Dresden.

    What role AUTERAS® can play in designing systems for the Internet of Things, read here (german).

  • Standard VDI 3812

    In the new working group VDI 3812 "Automation functions for residential buildings", the industry is developing a modular system of automation functions from which thousands of frequently built living space types can be planned. This means that complete equipment concepts can be generated from simple checklists in just a few minutes.

    In the three sheets of the standard VDI 3813, extensive planning bases have already been developed in the last few years for space automation (special purpose building). The VDI 3813 already covers approx. 60% of the functionality typical of SmartHome in high description quality and it is obvious to add the remaining 40% of the same quality. In the new VDI 3812 workgroup, product manufacturers, building suppliers, operators and service providers are now working on this missing 40% according to the methodology proven by VDI 3813. More detailed information can be obtained from VDI or the spokesman of the working group (

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