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AUTERAS – Automated Design of interoperable Room Automation Systems


An innovative design approach relieves System Designers as well as System Integrators from the most labor- and cost-intensive tasks while planning and designing room automation systems. These tasks can now be carried out by a computer, which solves them in optimal quality within a few seconds. This cutting-edge approach will be available soon by means of the innovative AUTERAS design tool for room automation systems. We would like to present AUTERAS, which means AUTomated Engineering of Room Automation Systems, and its key features.


Creation of Room Control Schematics and Function Lists

The creation of VDI 3813-2 compliant room control schematics (RA-Schematics) and room control function lists (RA-Function Lists) constitutes a major task in the design phase. The German standard VDI 3813-2 (which is also available in English) has been approved in 2011 and is required for the tendering process. RA-Schematics apply a function block-based approach for the functional but technological- and manufacturer-neutral specification of room control systems. They illustrate “the tasks to be performed by a room control system by representing the interactions among the system components through the required room control functions”.

Huge buildings require a broad variety of different RA-Schematics for their different types of rooms, yielding hundreds and thousands of function blocks and connections. Creating these schematics is a labor- and time-intensive engineering process, even when augmented by graphical design tools like Microsoft Visio. AUTERAS conquers this problem by automatically creating RA-Schematics according to requirements that you can tailor to your specific project. This enables you to finally make use of the immense potential for savings in both cost and time.


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