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Automated Creation of Room Control Schematics

After having chosen the desired functionality, the system designer can use AUTERAS to automatically generate the corresponding VDI 3813-2 compliant room control schematic (RA-schematic). This schematic will subsequently be displayed in the graphical editor of AUTERAS (cf. figure 2) and may be altered if necessary. Besides the RA-schematics, room control function lists may also be automatically generated by AUTERAS.

Additional non-functional device requirements can be defined for either the whole RA-schematic or even individual function blocks by using a graphical form. They include - but are not limited to - ingress protection class, construction form, and power supply. The non-functional requirements need to be fulfilled by the devices in addition to the function blocks.



AUTERAS’ editor for room control schematics

Figure 2: AUTERAS’ editor for room control schematics

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