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Benefits for System Designers and System Integrators

The automated cutting-edge approach of AUTERAS relieves system designers as well as system integrators from the most labor- and cost- intensive engineering and integration tasks while planning and designing room automation systems. They benefit from an easy definition of requirements by using a knowledge-based requirement analysis tool, an automatic creation of room control schematics and function lists compliant to the German standard VDI 3813-2 and an automatic design of optimized room automation systems. These benefits, combined with the ability of AUTERAS to find the best system designs, enables system designers and integrators to offer reasonably priced solutions compared to their competitors.

Benefits for Device Manufactures

Every manufacturer of room automation devices may add a description of its products to the cross-vendor device database of AUTERAS. This is beneficial, as the products can be taken into account and be combined with other products by the design algorithm, forming interoperable systems. This will ultimately lead to an increased sale of your products.

Additionally, OEM versions of AUTERAS specifically for your own products and selected third-party products may also be created.



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