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Architecture of AUTERAS

The AUTERAS tool for an automated design of room automation systems is constructed as a client-server model. This means all costly computations are carried out at server-side and their results are transmitted via web service technology. At client-side, the results just need to be displayed. This offers various benefits for the users of AUTERAS:


  1. All the required computation load is handled at our side, so there is no need that your PC is particularly powerful
  2. The amount of storage space on your computer is drastically reduced
  3. Updates for the application are only required if displaying components have changed. All other updates and upgrades on server-side can be deployed without the need for you to take action.


Moreover, we implemented a suite-concept, so that you can order just the components you need for your specific tasks. Currently, AUTERAS-Suite consists of five components:



Using this component, the user is able to specify requirements for room automation systems in an easy and intuitive way. Based on these requirements, Room Control Schematics can be generated and used for tendering.


This component is more or less the core of AUTERAS. It can compute - based on room control schematics (e.g. generated with AUTERAS® PLAN) - complete system designs (including devices and their interconnections) on a manufacturer- and platform-independent level. It is even possible to determine some configuration settings for the devices.


AUTERAS® CATALOG is primarily addressing device manufacturers. Their room automation devices can be inserted in the AUTERAS device database using this tool. 


This component is a server-side feature that enables storing AUTERAS projects in our database. On the one hand, this is beneficial as a central storage space for your projects, facilitating distributed usage and working as a team on one project. On the other hand, projects can be updated alongside to server updates without you needing to convert your project files. 


AUTERAS® LITE is an interactive tool for user- and consumer consulting. It offers guidance regarding required functionality and devices for the wishes and needs of consumers.

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